Twin Rotor Barrel


The advantage of adopting this equipment lays in the chance of plating large amounts of material in a shorter time. Operating with 2 barrels gives the possibility either to keep high standards of quality or achieving a double production. Twin Rotor Barrels can also be used in plating lines that mix barrels and racks.

Single with Gear Box Motor (ROTOR 2000)


This is a modern and versatile plating barrel and even though it is created to be used on modern automatic plating plants, it can be easily adapted for manual and semiautomatic plating lines. This products offers state-of -the -art performance.

Model No. VKP /HB 7CAP
Capacity 5kg to 150 kg
Barrel MOC
Across size As per your requirement
Gear box with Motor Cap. Depending upon cap.

Hanger Barrel (Mini Rotor)


V.K.PLASTIC entire technology is conveyed by MiniRotors: this plating equipment is designed to produce small lots and samplings. Besides a wide choice of perforations the MiniRotor range includes two different wrenches and 5 possible lengths. Each plating barrel is identified by a serial number.

Model No. VKP /HB 7CAP
Capacity 7kg
Barrel MOC PP/ Acrylic
Across size 300x  400 length
Gear box with Motor Cap. 12v Dc